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Covid19 treatment

drvaram, |  Thu Apr 30, 2020  | 

Who is prone to develop serious illness and troubles due to the coronavirus?

Compared to others, people who age old, and those with other medical conditions like high BP, heart problems, cancer or diabetes tend to be prone to the disease.

Can we prevent or cure COVID-19 using antibiotics?

Antibiotics are prescribed only for bacterial infections and not viral infections. COVID-19 is a viral infection caused by coronavirus. Hence, antibiotics don’t work to fight the infectious disease. Antibiotics can only be used to treat or prevent bacterial infection under doctor’s prescription.

What is the cure for COVID-19 and what are its preventive methods and medicines?

Until now, there is no specific cure or medicine for COVID-19. There are only a few home remedies and western and traditional methods that can subside the symptoms of the disease.

Self-medication against COVID-19 including that of antibiotics need to be strictly avoided. Clinical trials of western and traditional medicines are however being tested. Appropriate treatment practices shall be announced by the World Health Organization once it arrives at clinical findings to cure the disease.