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COVID-19 Preventive measures

drvaram, |  Thu Apr 30, 2020  | 

What are the suggested preventive measures for COVID-19?

First of all, make sure to update yourself with the latest happenings around you through the reports of public health authorities. As COVID-19 is spreading across countries rapidly while countries like China have already stopped outbreaks and slowing down, it is imperative to keep an eye on regular news updates on the issue.

Listed below are a few preventive measures applicable to anyone:
1. Make use of any alcohol-based hand rub and wash your hands frequently using soap and water. This is recommended because an alcohol-based hand wash can kill the virus present in your hands, if any.

2. When there is a person sneezing or coughing near you, distant yourself of about 1 meter or 3 feet as tiny droplets released from their mouth or nose carrying the coronavirus does not come in contact with you.

3. Do not touch your eyes, mouth and nose very often. This idea is suggested because we use our hands to access many things around us. So, our hands have maximum probability of picking up the virus. By frequently touching your mouth or nose, you may accidentally transfer the virus to the body parts which will allow the virus within the body.

4. Make it a practice to use a kerchief or tissue paper while sneezing or coughing. This respiratory hygiene is very important so that droplets from your mouth or nose do not get transmitted to others around you. After use, dispose the tissue in a closed dustbin immediately.

5. In case you don’t feel well and suffer troubles like fever, cough, cold or breathing difficulties, or others, approach a doctor and get medical advice immediately. Strictly follow the prescriptions of your local health authorities. They are well aware of the coronavirus and its impact on your body. Hence, they will be able to guide you better and suggest you safe healthcare methods that inhibit spread of the virus to others, and cure your infection as well.

6. Stay home and avoid travelling to distant places. This is particularly applicable for people who suffer with diabetes, heart problems and lung problems, as such people will be highly prone to developing COVID-19 symptoms.

Listed below are a few preventive measures for people who have recently visited areas that have developed COVID-19:
In addition to the aforementioned guidelines, take the below measures as well:
Isolate yourself which means, stay home, especially if you are not feeling well with runny nose, fever, headache or breathing difficulties.

To buy your day-to-day utilities, make sure you get help from others to bring things like food or groceries.

When you have to head out of home, wear a mask covering your nose and mouth so that you don’t spread the infection to others.
In case you observe any symptoms of COVID-19 such as breathing difficulties, cold, cough or sneezing, seek help from a medical expert. While contacting the health expert, brief about your history of travel or contact with your co-travelers.