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Covid19 protection

drvaram, |  Thu Apr 30, 2020  | 

What is the possibility of a person to catch COVID-19?

One of the important aspects that decides whether you will acquire COVID-19 or not is your location and the intensity of the infectious disease in your locale. Until now, the risk of acquiring the disease remains low in most of the locations. On the other hand, a few cities around the world are rapidly spreading the disease. For residents in these cities, the likeliness of catching COVID-19 will be more.

Hence it is important that you strictly follow the rules and restrictions imposed by your government authorities. Avoiding travel and group gatherings should be considered of high importance. It is only with cooperation we may altogether curb the spread of the disease.

In countries like China, the spread of Coronavirus is completely stopped. However, new outcomes are more likely in the country. So, you need be very conscious of what is happening around and take necessary preventive measures.

Should I really feel worried about COVID-19? Is the disease so severe?

Generally, coronavirus gives rise to very mild symptoms. The illness thus caused is mild in most of the cases. Approximately one out of 5 COVID-19 victims may need health assistance. It is also true that the affected person may spread the virus to others. Hence, ultimately, it is good that you be worried about COVID-19 and take preventive measures.

To protect ourselves and our loved ones, all that we need to do is prevent ourselves with frequent hand wash, good respiratory hygiene practices, and seeking help from nearby health experts in case you feel symptomatic, and avoid traveling.