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drvaram, |  Thu Apr 30, 2020  | 

Greetings from AccelTop,


Dear Student,

What is the goal of students today? What are their dreams 

It is important to achieve high percentage to achieve their dreams. They have to  prepare strategically and systematically to reach the goals.Preparation by one means   is not sufficient in this competitive world.

Read, Revise, Practice should be the motto of the students. A very important point is to do all these very consistently and with great determination.

Periodic evaluation is very necessary to indicate where do you stand in the process of preparation, which subject to concentrate, which chapter to revise, which topic to read again. Mock exams are integral part of the preparation. Students dont have to wait till the end to take these exams, they should start taking from the beginning, this is absolutely necessary to gain CONFIDENCE. The word exam should not bring shivers within us, the students need to practise and evaluate frequently.

We AccelTop have come up with ideas which makes a tremendous change in the method of preparation and see huge positive difference in your results.AccelTop has devised 5 methods of preparation, complete circle to guarantee your success.Early planning, Implementing the plan, Evaluations , Revising will lead to success.

We have made your efforts easier by providing one stop solution. We have BOOK PLUS which covers the chapters. MOCK EXAMS will handle the entire SUBJECTS exams, GRAND TESTS, PICTURE BASED exam.FLASH CARDS help to remember the important points.

QUESTION BANK will allow you to customize the subjects and number of questions to take.Mentorship* is a unique functionality provided by AccelTop where you can have one to one calls, chats with Doctor who is the specialist in the subject. This facility is golden opportunity to the students who can get experienced answers from the pioneers in the respective field.

All these facilities you can avail on your laptop /desktop /mobile app*.

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