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Founded by a team of doctors, acceltop is the best exam prep platform for NEETPG / NExT / INICET / MRB / Medical Exams with impeccable track record in previous exams.



NEET PG exam

90% of our questions appear in NEET PG exams. Ace NEET & make your way to the top with Acceltop

NExT-1 or NExT-2? Excel in your Exit Exams with best prep strategy by our experts.

With over a decade of experience in medical education and after working with many successful students/doctors, Acceltop is uniquely placed to give you that unrelenting learning advantage!

We help you stop your extensive search for different books and courses and start your preparation right away…as we have exactly what you want with an added benefit – Prepare from your mobile or your laptop!

The courses are created in a way that includes discursive questions and definite results. Industry experts have carefully crafted and structured the whole program.

Due to the various routes one can take in the field of medicine, we segregate students based on past experiences to custom fit each into one of our personalised programs for maximum learning efficiency.

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